Jottings from Fr. J.J.

EXCITING NEWS FOR OUR PARISH: As you are probably already aware, a little over a month ago, Patty Chase, our Parish Catechetical Leader, was recruited by the Archdiocese of Detroit to fill one of the Vicariate Catechetical Leader positions. Patty is an extremely gifted and qualified individual; we were very sorry to see her go. She will be missed, but she has a big job ahead of her and needs our continued prayers and support. Ever since Patty shared the news that she would be leaving, I have been trying to be open to what the Holy Spirit wants for us here at such a large parish, and one that is so interested in catechetical formation.

I took the opportunity to pray, and to converse with the staff, talk to key volunteers, and survey the entire parish situation before any decisions were made. After going through about 1001 different options and scenarios, I am very pleased to inform you that a plan is now in place. I am feeling invigorated, and confident that we are following exactly where the Spirit is leading. Recognizing the challenging economic times, and more importantly, the overwhelming talent of the staff, I decided to not fill the position from outside, but rather promote from within.

Marian Bart, former Christian Service Coordinator, will take over as Parish Catechetical Leader.  She will oversee Regina Simony as the Adult Faith Formation Coordinator (including RCIA), David Graves as the 9th Grade Coordinator (in addition to his continued BASIC leadership), Florence Parent as the Middle School Ministry Coordinator, Kathy Rochon as the Preschool – 3rd grade Coordinator, and Julie Garascia as a support person for that program. Maryann Brani will continue in her role supporting Religious Education.

Kim Houseman will now be our Christian Service Coordinator, and she will be working with Pat Ullmann who will split her time between bookkeeping and assisting with the Christian Service program (including the Christmas Ball).

I feel very confident about the abilities of this team and really feel at peace that this is what the Spirit wants for St. Anastasia. With their talents, gifts, passions, and personalities, I truly believe that this new arrangement will be to the greatest advantage for the entire Religious Education program and for all the parishioners involved in any form of adult faith formation. I believe we will have one of the most outstanding programs offered throughout the entire Archdiocese.

Please keep the entire team in prayer as we unveil new ideas and keep growing.  Please be patient with the staff as adjustments are taking place; yes, changes will happen, and I ask you to be lovingly open to such growth. We respect that everyone has a need to make plans, and promise to allow you to do so before late July.  May the Good News be shared!

One last thing…we are very fortunate to have been selected as one of three sites in the AOD where Denver Bible Study classes will be held.  This is a world class Bible Study Program that will be offered here starting in the fall of this year.  Classes will run from September through May and will entail a three year commitment.   There will be a general information night held here at St. Anastasia on Thursday night, April 29th, Thursday night, July 8th, and Thursday night, August 12th.  All information sessions will go from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.  This weekend we have Deacon Jack Gardner doing the homilies at all the Masses to further explain the program.