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Religious Education (for preschool – high school) at St. Anastasia

Before completing registration forms, please read through this:

Religious Education Information and Course Selection 2017-18

Print or pick up a Registration FORM in the Parish or

Religious Education Office for all grades.

Registro e informacion en Espanol ::  Espanol Registro 2017-18

Whether you say education, formation, spiritual growth, knowledge of faith – all are indicative of the goals and purpose of religious education for children at St. Anastasia. It is our desire that every child who comes through our programming has an opportunity to meet Jesus – to come to know Him in a deep and personal way. We pray that every child understands that he or she is a Beloved Child of God – loved for who they are – not for what they can do. We use a variety of resources – Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (a hands-on Montessori method) for preschoolers;  God Loves Us, Finding God and God’s Gift: Reconciliation and First Eucharist, by Loyola Press for Kindergarten – 3rd grade; the Bible for 4th and 5th grade; Alive in Christ for 6th and 7th grade; Chosen for 8th and 9th grade; and the Bible and Catechism for all grades and ages!

We are here to support parents – the first catechists in their children’s lives – as they teach and live a life of discipleship in Christ. Our classroom catechists are volunteers – parents, grandparents, adults and teens – all sharing the love of God and their faith in Jesus with the children of our parish.

Please email the Religious Education Office if you would like more information about registering your child in our programs, or give me a call at 248-689-8380, Ext. 106.

God bless,

Elizabeth Spencer, Parish Catechetical Leader



ATTENDANCE POLICY for Knd – 8 – (There is a link for absence reporting on each of the grade level web pages). If a student misses more than four class sessions without calling and without completing the class materials, they will not be considered as having completed that grade. Students are responsible for missed material, which will be available from their catechist upon their return to class. Please go to the Grade Level page in the left side menu to report an absence to program coordinators.

SACRAMENT POLICY—The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in our 2nd Grade program (Level 2 for Spanish). Completion of the 1st Grade Program (Level 1 for Spanish) is a prerequisite for the 2nd Grade Program. Students are expected to participate in and complete all preparation years (first through ninth grade – to coincide with the grade level that he or she is attending in school) prior to being confirmed in ninth grade. Candidates must exhibit free acceptance of the Catholic Faith and appropriate levels of desire for the sacraments prior to reception of them. Families who come into faith formation on a different schedule – for whatever reason – need to speak with our staff for optimal placement guidance.

CIRCLE OF GRACE—The Archdiocese of Detroit has instituted a program called Circle of Grace for the safe environment education of children and young people in parishes. It is integrated into the current curriculum for religious education programs for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade at St. Anastasia. (9th grade attends “Called to Serve” as their safe environment training). This will take place in one lesson in all of these grades during the course of this school year. Each session is full of parent/child interaction.  You do have the choice to “opt out” of this program if you choose. Forms are available in the Religious Education Office or you may download one right here: Circle of Grace

PAYMENT POLICYPayment is expected at the time of registration. If you are in need of a PAYMENT PLAN or PARTIAL WAIVER, you must contact the Religious Education Office prior to registering your child(ren) for classes. Education fees will not exceed $350 for any family registered in the parish before September 1st. It is our policy that every child is entitled to attend our programs regardless of their ability to pay. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact the Religious Education Office to discuss your options.

WEATHER POLICY—Please use the website and direct communications from the parish (including email, facebook, and twitter) to know if classes are cancelled.  If you need to call the office after checking those, please call a grade-level coordinator or the Religious Education Office to ask.