Automated Donations


What is the Automated Donation Program?

The Automated Donation program allows a parishioner to authorize weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly deductions from their checking or savings account to the church’s checking account. All contributions are electronically processed by parish staff through Independent Bank, our parish bank. Giving electronically is secure and frees you from writing a check.

How do I enroll in the Automated Donation Program?

Simply fill out an enrollment form and return it to the parish office. Forms can be found in the pamphlet racks and in the parish office. Or, you can download the  automated-donation-enrollment-form and return it to the church office after completion. You only need to enroll once. Once enrolled, your bank information or contribution amount can be changed at any time by contacting the parish office.

What if I want to make a change to my contribution amount or frequency?

We ask all changes be “in writing” so we have a paper trail.   You can send a written note to the Parish Office marked “Attn: Automated Donations” or send an email to Brian.  Be sure to include your current frequency (weekly, monthly, semi-monthly) in the correspondence.

Is my information kept private?

All of your information is kept private. Only authorized parish staff will have access to your enrollment form and contribution records.

Will I get a receipt for my donations?

All contributions will appear on your bank statement as “St. Anastasia Church.” Also, all donations received through the Automated Donation Program will be listed on your annual contribution statement, just like your current envelope donations.

Can I use the Automated Donation Program to make donations to holy day collections or to special collections such as the Priest’s Retirement Collection?

No. At this time, the parish is only able to accommodate regular offertory collections. However, we are looking at ways to expand the system to include all collections. In the meantime, please continue using your envelopes for those collections.

I’m uncomfortable not putting an envelope in the collection basket on Sunday. Can I still receive envelopes?

All participants in the Automated Donation Program will still receive envelopes unless they request otherwise. Beginning in April 2008, all regular offertory envelopes will include a check box for those who chose to give via the Automated Donation Program. Thus, you are free to place an envelope in the collection basket if you wish to do so.

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Please email Brian Burgin, Business Manager or call him at (248) 689-8380, ext. 130.