Stephen Ministry

Who among us has not experienced some sort of personal trauma in our lives?  That trauma might be the death of a loved one, a devastating diagnosis, or maybe a job loss.  Sometimes it isn’t a single overwhelming incident that causes us to worry and feel anxious, but a series of smaller events that disrupt the peace in our lives.  On the outside we might appear as though we are coping with our losses, but on the inside we are struggling.  We might feel alone in our grief and we want to know that there is hope.  The hope that one day we will feel better and that God will never abandon us.

At St. Anastasia we now have a group of men and women who have been trained extensively to listen to, pray with, and walk alongside others who are grieving or hurting.  They are called Stephen Ministers and will provide a listening ear and a caring heart to people experiencing an especially difficult time in their lives. This is a Christ-centered caregiving ministry.

Stephen Ministers understand how important it is to find someone to confide in and talk to during a crisis or difficult time, often having experienced many of these problems and tragedies themselves.  Sometimes we aren’t comfortable sharing our innermost thoughts with people close to us.  It is often helpful to talk confidentially with someone who can be non-judgmental outside of our close circle of family and friends.

If you or someone you know could benefit from talking to a Stephen Minister, please call Kim Houseman at (248.689.8380) or email her.