Christian Service Connections

Pro-Life Bus Trip

(By a special guest writer, my beloved friend Molly)

If you get a chance to go on the “March for Life” in Washington D.C. this January, please come with us. Last year I went with my dad, my friend MaryGrace, and her dad. It was so cool to see thousands and thousands of people from across the United States come together to March For Life. I was only 12 years old then, but my voice still made a difference. I now understand how important it is to be pro-life, because I saw and heard what happens when you don’t love life.

So please come with us this January and march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Supreme Court for LIFE. I know St. Anastasia can fill a whole bus. Bring your mom or dad and come along. It really will change your perspective and help you make good decisions.

~ From Molly Collison

Homebound Ministers Needed!

Many of our parishioners can’t attend Mass in our building, but still celebrate the eternal, celestial sacrifice with us. Please consider sharing a few hours a month to help our Christian brothers and sisters experience the physical communion with Christ that is present in the Eucharist and in human companionship. If you were homebound, you would surely crave such care! Contact Kim Houseman (ext. 112) to learn more and sign up. We need you!

Victory Garden Update

We have had a tremendously successful first season with our Victory Garden program. Abundant thanks to all those who so generously shared their harvests with the poor, and to the many folks who had the pleasure of loading up their vehicles to deliver the food to our friends downtown. The program will continue to mature through the years; we are already making plans for beautifying and expanding our parish garden and collection site. BIG thanks to Irma’s (that’s the northernmost one) vegetable stand on Dequindre for their incredibly bountiful donations of “leftovers” twice a week. Please visit them for your pumpkin purchase!