Business Manager’s Update

From the Office

With the holidays coming up, I want to encourage you all to consider the automated donation program. I’ve been trying to keep this in front of you for the last couple of weeks and I’ll continue to do so. With many of you leaving over the holidays, it’s a great way to continue your support of St. Anastasia and the ministries provided. I really think this is an idea and process whose time has come. We’ve been utilizing the program for a couple years, all the bugs are worked out of it (have been for some time) and if you talk to anyone enrolled in the program, I am very confident they will sing its praises. Please consider it, not only for your convenience, but for the cost savings to St. Anastasia. As I mentioned in a prior article, we spent just over $12,000 on envelopes last year. Boy, what we could do with an additional $12,000 every year!

So far we’re doing okay as far as level of contributions, but we are a little behind. Of course I’m never satisfied (must be the German in me) and have that “old world mentality” of work hard and save your money and don’t spend it if you don’t have it. So far this year, we’ve collected $5,675 for the Priests Retirement Fund. For Mission Sunday you contributed $3,012 and so far our maintenance collection has netted $7,940. Added to the maintenance collection from all of last year (includes over $21,000 from a very generous bequest), we now have a total of $65,928.  This money is earmarked as our “self insurance fund” for the HVAC units and it will be utilized when we have to replace the HVAC system for the Church. According to the experts, we’ll be lucky to get another 2 years out of that unit; it’s almost 30 years old. Replacement cost will be approximately $100,000. It would be nice to have that money in reserve and actually plan the obsolescence /replacement instead of waiting for it to break down (that’s when you have absolutely no negotiating power at all and are at the mercy of the supplier).

I’d like to mention that most of the ministries and activities that generate their own funds for their use (I stress the ones that generate funds) and meet at St. Anastasia do so at no cost. Most of the time our maintenance personnel will set the area up before and tear down after…keep in mind that heat, electricity, water, etc. are not free. This physical plant is here to serve you, the People of God, but it costs money to run it and keep it up. I’d like to point out something you and your group may consider. I’ll use the Euchre Club as an example: they have paid to have a statue refurbished, purchased several carts for Religious Education with plans to buy a few more, have offered to buy new batteries for the AED units (need to be replaced every two years), and just recently purchased two portable coat racks. They call regularly and ask us what we need or if they can help St. Anastasia with something. I pointed out the Euchre Club only because they were on my mind, I know other organizations have also purchased items for St. Anastasia and please do not feel slighted. We appreciate everything and everyone. Some of the other organizations may want to consider participating. If you do, let me know…we accept all the help we can get.

Don’t forget the Brick Paver Program for individuals, organizations, or in honor of your loved ones…your pavers will be installed by Thanksgiving. I again want to thank those of you that call me with questions, answers, and suggestions. I try to return all phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

God bless you all, Franz