Business Manager’s Update

From the Office

You may have noticed some aluminum tape on the gutters on the Davidson Center, Pastoral Center and the Administrative Center. It’s easy to spot as it has some blue writing on it. While we were having the siding repaired earlier in year, we were told that the wood underneath the gutters and eves is slowly deteriorating due to water leakage with most of it occurring during the winter months from ice build up. Our gutters are a little long in the tooth and will probably need replacing in the next couple of years, but a good temporary fix was to affix the waterproof aluminum tape to all the joints. This is being done by an individual at no charge to St. Anastasia; we only have to pay for the tape itself. This individual has also continued to repair our aluminum siding and should be completed prior to the real bad weather hitting. He also repaired a leaking skylight on the church roof for us; again he is doing all this at no charge, we only pay for the parts or supplies.

We’ve continued negotiations with our bank on several fronts. Starting in December we will have the Total Armored Car service start to pick up our collections as well as any other deposits. I can’t give you a definite start date, but it will be before Christmas. I have been pushing hard for this service as I feel we were at risk sending two people to the bank every Monday afternoon with the weekend deposit. The cost will be $21 per pick-up and the bank has agreed to split the cost with us, so for $10.50 per week, or $546 per year, we can feel secure and not have employees at risk. To me, it is money well spent.

The cost to get an alarm system up and running for the complex including the rectory was $1,685 plus $100 per month for central station monitoring. As I’ve shared with you in the past, none of this was budgeted for (it will be for next year) and our fiscal year ends on June 30th. So to get through until then, including the monitoring, the cost will be the initial $1,685 plus $900 ($100 per month October 2009 through June 2010) for monitoring so we will be looking to recoup $2,585 by appealing to you, our parishioners. I would ask that those of you willing to help defray these costs, put your donation in a plain envelope, indicate your name and envelope number on it, and drop it in the collection basket during the weekend Masses on November 28th and 29th….the first week in Advent. This will be a one time event; we will not come back and ask for more. Any additional collected over and above the $2,585 will be allocated to the maintenance fund which is earmarked for the Church heating/ventilation/air conditioning system replacement in 2011. The system is over 30 years old and we pray that it will last till 2011. We need you all to pray for that as replacement will be between $80,000 and $100,000.

I pray that you all have a happy and holy Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s a special holiday for me, not because I love turkey (I do), not because I love football (I do), and not because you don’t have to give anyone a present (I like that too!). My mom and dad along with my brother, me, and 3 suitcases emigrated to the United Stated from Germany in 1961. I was in 1st grade and the class project was teaching me English. I appreciate every freedom we have in this country and the people that have protected that freedom in the past, present and those that will in the future. That may sound corny to some, but it is what I believe. I love this country and I am firm in my belief that the United States has been blessed by God. I thank God that my parents emigrated and I thank God for all the opportunities this great country as given me and my family.

God bless you all!  Franz