Business Manager Update

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that St. Anastasia was broken into twice in the last month. The first incident occurred during the last round of directory photos. Someone that was in the building while the pictures were being taken came back after everyone had left, got in and stole 4 laptops from the Life-Touch people valued at around $700 to $800 each. With the amount of activity in the complex and given our mission to serve the people of God, security can be daunting. The disturbing part about it was that this crime was perpetrated by someone that knows us.

Second Break In

The second incident occurred just two weeks ago…someone broke into the maintenance office and stole a set of keys kept for emergency purposes only…they had to know where the keys were kept as they are in a very secure and out of the way place and knowledge of the keys being there was very limited. Their first target was my locked office; my desk drawers and files were rifled. We keep all of your confidential parish records, personnel records, and stewardship records locked up in the safe which was not touched so your records are secure and were not violated – only a select few of us have the combination which has since been changed just to make sure it wasn’t compromised. A parish Shell credit card (used for parish vehicles), and the keys to the small vending machine in the Social Hall kitchen were stolen. The vending machine was emptied of money. They then got into Father Mark’s office and stole his laptop; the approximate value of all items is in the $1,500 range.

We notified the Troy police at the time of both events and after investigation, they are convinced it is someone we know, and probably the same person. I made the comment to the officers that if the individual would just ask us for help, they would get more help and for a longer period of time than the items they stole will support them for. Judging from the items stolen the officers indicated (cash or items that can be turned into cash quickly) that the individual probably has an addiction problem and wouldn’t want anyone here to know. The officers also told me that crime in the Troy area is not up significantly, but crimes against churches are. They are easy targets as by their very nature they are busy from early morning until late night and serve a broad spectrum of the community.

Stepped Up Security

We are doing everything possible to step up security including the entire exterior of the complex being re-keyed. We are taking quotes on video surveillance, alarm system, and a card reading system for the main entrances to the complex. Beefed up security will not be cheap and it was not budgeted for but we need to be realistic…I feel very strongly that one of my biggest responsibilities to Fr. J.J., you the parishioners, your families, and the entire staff is that St. Anastasia be a safe haven for worship and ministry. We are in challenging economic times and desperate people do desperate things. We have the absolute best facility in the AOD for serving the people of God and delivering quality, meaningful, and compassionate ministries to the community. We need to protect what we have while continuing to focus on what our mission is; we can’t let these incidents stop us from spreading and promoting the love of our God to all. I ask you all to pray for the perpetrator(s)…may they find the peace of Christ that they so obviously need…and we want to let them know to come to us…we can and will help you!

Feed the Need

For the Directory Photo Shoot we had just over 500 families participate in the Feed The Need program where you brought food donations to your photo session and Life-Touch would match your generosity with a monetary donation to our food pantry. Today we received a check from them for our food pantry of $544!

HVAC- In the Gym

This will be a $9,000 hit, but we do have the funds available, thanks to those of you that have generously contributed to the maintenance fund of the past couple of years.


We’re in the home stretch with $19,800 left to go. I have to admit, I am a little worried. That represents about a one week offertory….if we have to make it up from the operating budget, it means going one week without any income….how many of you could go a week without a paycheck without having to make some cuts? If you haven’t responded to the CSA, please do so…maybe I’ll get some sleep at night again.

God bless, Franz