Business Manager Update

As the Church year ramps up and we get ready for the start of Religious Education, I can’t help but thank God for all of you, your families, the staff, and the leadership that Father JJ and Father Mark provide. Since I’ve been here (March 23rd was my first day) I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the staff and many of you; your concern and care for the community and physical plant of St. Anastasia is not something you see everywhere in the Archdiocese. St. Anastasia is an outstanding resource that has to be taken care of with tender loving care. It’s not often that so many ministries and services are centered in one location. We truly are a lighthouse of sorts not only to our parishioners but to the community at large as well as the Archdiocese. This lofty position carries with it much responsibility, one that I do not take lightly. Every decision we make in the office carries with it prayerful consideration and the honest effort to do the best we possibly can for St. Anastasia and the ministries we represent. Do we make mistakes…yes…do we correct them when we find them…you bet. We are always open to new ideas and processes and we would be very foolish if we didn’t take advantage of the “brain and brawn power” sitting in the pews every week. If you have any ideas, advice, or can offer your services in some way, let us know. I’m not guaranteeing we can use every idea forwarded to us or take advantage of every offer of help, but I am committed to keeping a robust line of communications open between the office and you…the community of St. Anastasia; my contact information as well as the rest of the staff is on the directory page.

We’re getting ready to close the loop on our security program and I’ll have more to report in the next couple of weeks. We’ve done a thorough investigation of what’s available and what’s cost effective in light of our needs. We will never compromise your safety and security and will never do anything that negatively affects our ministries or worship. I think you’ll be happy with what we propose but keep in mind we are talking security so we may keep some of our “cards hidden” out of necessity. We’ve been negotiating hard and heavy and the prices are coming down.

We have several proposals on the table for preventive maintenance for our HVAC systems…case in point is that we have a lot money invested in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation with units of different size and capacity. For your information, it breaks out as follows: Davidson Center – 1 rooftop unit, Chapel – 1 roof top unit, Cry Room – 1 rooftop unit, Ushers room /Sacristy – 1 roof top unit, Social Hall – 1 rooftop unit, Offices (administrative Center and Pastoral Center including classroom) – 4 roof top units, Music Room – 1 rooftop unit, Gym/Activity Center – 2 rooftop units, Church – one complete stand alone system and lastly two hot water heating boilers, one in the Davidson Center and one located in the north end of the complex. So far the best quote we’ve seen is for $1,800 twice per year (May and October), price held firm for three years. We have not yet committed and are continuing negotiations. Some of you may be thinking c’mon, just get it done….well…I’d like to move faster on some of these projects too….but before we spend one penny of the resources you generously donate to St. Anastasia every week, I make every effort and expend any energy to ensure we are getting the best deal.

The collection for the Priests retirement fund will be during the weekend of September 26th and 27th, envelopes will be in the pews. Your Priests at St. Anastasia and really everywhere, work tirelessly. If I could keep track of Father JJ’s and Father Mark’s hours it would be a real eye opener. Hospital visits, sick calls to homes, counseling, reconciliation, Masses, meetings, community service…the list goes on and on. Please be generous. Unlike most of us, when the Priests get to retirement age (do they really ever retire?), they have no children and frequently no family to assist them when they need a place to live, help, medical care, or some type of therapy…please be generous.

God Bless, Franz