Business Manager Update

Officially, the summer season comes to a close this weekend and the school year begins, much to the collective applause of parents and some children. Our Religious Education Department is back in full swing and working diligently to get ready for the onslaught. This is a very busy time in the office and I have to admit, I prefer the hustle and bustle to the relative quiet of the summer…although as you are well aware, our summer at St. Anastasia has been anything but quiet. The initial quotes are in for the security upgrade and we will be looking at (depending on how much security we actually need) anywhere’s form $10,000 to $18,000. Father JJ, Father Mark, Stewardship, and myself will be making a recommendation to the Parish Council in the next 6 weeks and we’ll keep you informed as to progress and anticipated cost. In speaking with the Troy Police, two other churches in the area have been broken into and one was also vandalized in the last four weeks.

We’ve been negotiating with our bank, Independent Community Bank and we’ve been able to work out a new service agreement with them, reducing our monthly service charges and fess by over $300, annualized the savings will be right around $3,600. The bank has been very cooperative and we’re still negotiating some of the finer points of our agreement. They are as committed to keeping us as a customer as I am committed to getting us the best deal from everyone we do business with. We’re going to have to replace the HVAC system on the Rectory; will not be as much as the Gym, we’re talking more in the range of $2,500 and I’m trying to work that in with a three preventative maintenance program, spreading the cost over those three years; so far it looks good. I expect a reply to my proposal shortly. They have expressed a willingness to work with us and the prices they’ve given us are very competitive. We’ve definitely seen the advantages of quoting all major repairs to a minimum of three vendors; it may take some extra time, but the parish benefits both financially and service wise. The HVAC system for the Gym is done just in time for the busy fall schedule the athletic department has planned. I’ve gotten to know several of those involved in our athletics program (Brad Robinson, Bill Riss, Tim Wines, Patty Stark, just to name a few) and I’ve been impressed with the way they work with the kids and the hours (with no pay) that they devote to them. The girls Volley Ball season is on and if you have a chance, stop in and watch a game…those of you with children…consider having your kids participate in the CYO Athletics, it’s a good thing. We have a first class athletic facility and we have very committed adults to teach, supervise, and coach; if your kids and you haven’t participated in the past, give it some thought.

We received a check from INSALATA Restaurant for $200 and a nice note from the owner saying he was very satisfied with the results (as were we) and that he met many fine St. Anastasia Parishioners in the process. Please keep your patronage of this restaurant going and we’re already talking about doing the promotion again in the next couple of months. Well…that’s all I can think of for now…I’m looking forward to the three day weekend and for once, my wife Arlene and I don’t have anything planned except a little get together to celebrate my Mom’s 86th birthday on Sunday …how nice is that. I wish you all the safest and most blessed final weekend of the summer season.

God Bless, Franz