Business Manager Update

The work on the HVAC system on the Gym is almost done. As I’ve shared with you in past articles, we have decided to cover the cost of $9,000 from the operating budget, choosing not to access our Diocesan savings account. I can tell you that the entire staff is mobilized to “help find the money” and I have every confidence that we will succeed. It won’t be without some pain, but then everyone out there is hurting to some extent. The HVAC on the rectory is now starting to act up but we have no firm answers on that one yet…hopefully it won’t be a major repair…BUT….I have to ask…what the heck is going on with the all these HVAC issues? None of these units are old, only about 6 years and as luck would have it the warranty period expires at 5 years (or earlier). I think it points to the fact that we need a bonafide HVAC preventative maintenance program and we have had several quotes on that in the last month. I’ve not analyzed those yet but will let you know what we decide to do and the impact to the parish finances; we’re probably looking at an annual cost of around $3,000 to $4,000.

We continue to work on tightening up security and we’ve made good progress…we’re not there yet, but close. The alarm company quotes are almost all in and I’ll be reviewing them in the next week. I want to thank all of you that had keys in the past that have not been issued new keys for being understanding and patient as we strive to provide a safe and secure facility. I am firmly convinced that too many keys were out there. It has become evident that some keys were lost and that some folks made copies of keys to pass on to others….my friends…the plain and simple truth is that too many keys were out there. We can’t give keys out to everyone that feels they need a key or desires access to the facility. We have to provide access to the facility for the many varied and important ministries that meet here, but we have to do that with the idea of a staff person being responsible for unlocking and locking up. In the same vein, all ministries must be scheduled through the office and added to the Parish calendar by calling either Becky or Holly. We have some ministries that show up and they are not scheduled on the Parish calendar. We need to know exactly who is in the building and at what times they are here. All ministries have a staff member associated with them…make sure you coordinate use of the building through your staff representative. If you don’t have one, call me and we’ll accommodate you to ensure you have what you need.

Well, our CSA came in at an all time low of $670 being committed in the last week. That leaves us around $16,700 short…we still have time to meet the assessment but time is running out. If anyone cares to discuss the CSA, feel free to call me. St Anastasia has always met or exceeded the assessment through the generosity of you, the parishioners. We understand that times are tougher this year than in the past, but as tough as they are for us, they are tougher for many others that rely on CSA ministries. I’m not going to lie to you…many parishes are falling behind this year but St. Anastasia has always been a “signature” parish that has always come through. I once again ask those of you that have not decided on participation to prayerfully consider helping. For my part, I will continue to report the CSA numbers weekly, but will not comment on them in my article until we meet the assessment.

As we start to ramp up for our busy Fall schedule here at St. Anastasia and kids head back to school, I hope you all had a nice, relaxing, and safe summer. For me and my family, it’s been a busy summer with my son’s wedding celebration and it seems like it was late July before my wife and I could sit on the patio and actually relax…so now we’re waiting for Grandchildren…all we have right now are grand-dogs…I can’t wait to be a Grandfather and mercilessly spoil my Grandchildren.