Becoming Besties

    When we read the Gospels, it may sometimes strike us as unjust that Jesus seems to ‘play favorites.’  He had his Disciples, and then His more favored 12 Apostles, and within that group, the 3 best buddies – Peter, James, and John.  Even among those three, it appears that John was the most beloved of all (though of course Peter was chosen to be the leader of the new church).  “No fair!” the scowling child inside us might complain; “Jesus should treat every person the same!” But let’s consider for a moment….

   Just how do WE become witnesses to private miracles?  How do we receive a glimpse of the full glory of God?  How do we lean so familiarly on the Lord that we can hear His heart?  How do we find ourselves called to spiritual battle and deep prayer, intimately joining our pain to that of The Suffering Servant?  How do we find ourselves at the foot of the cross? 

    I suggest that the answer for us is the same as it was for the people who walked the streets of Jerusalem with The Christ.  We become His best friends by choosing to do so.

   We expect Him to bring the dead back to life, no matter what the rest of the world may be muttering.  We trust Him so completely that when He shows us His glory, we are content with the reality of our humble station and of the grandeur of Holy Mystery.  While others scheme and betray, we dare to incline ourselves toward His most sacred Heart.  We stay so closely attuned to Him that when He silently beckons, we leave the company of others and go off with Him to share in His suffering.  We stand by Mary’s side and witness the sacrificial depth of His mercy. 

   How do we become His best friends?  We pay attention.  We show up.  We love as He first loved us.

Marian Bart

Parish Catechetical Leader