Sometimes when my husband and I have enjoyed a great evening with friends, I have looked back on it with a degree of embarrassment, realizing that we told or heard the same tales with the same group of people before.  But recently I came to a deeper awareness that the old stories are the best ones in many ways.  What a gift it is to know each other well enough and long enough to have the good stories be retold. What a treasure it is to find a new detail in the hearing or the telling.  What a joy it is to have tradition, history, patience, and savoring –  memories shared and built and reinforced in a living, dynamic equivalent of scrapbooks and home movies.

Let’s delight in that idea as we explore Scripture, too – whether it be in the ancient cycle of readings at Mass, or during a class (Yay! Fall is here!), or in our intimate communication with the Word of God.  The Author Himself has much to share, again and again, for our benefit.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader