A Word About Our Texts

We have made some well-considered decisions about the textbooks we will be using in our religious education program this year.  We may be making more of these kinds of decisions in the years to come.  Our department takes many factors into consideration in making such choices, the most important factor being this:  How well do these textbooks convey the truth of the faith to this particular age group?  Other factors we critique are the teacher guides, prayers, cultural inclusivity, Christian service suggestions, visual attractiveness, and cost.

This year, we have changed the second-grade resource.  Rather than providing the students with the consumable papers, we will give them a Loyola Press book that is more in-depth, has lovely illustrations, contains reviews that parents can use at home, and gives continuity since Loyola is the same publisher we use for the other lower-elementary grades.

As the children mature, the approach does too.  The grade 4 and grade 5 texts will be kept in the classrooms.  This will reduce the costs to the parish and help the students at this level have fewer things to tote back and forth to class.  What they WILL have to keep and treasure is a new Bible (grade 4) or the Bible they received from us last year.  If they have misplaced – or perhaps shared? – their previously given Bible, they may buy a new one from us at a good price.  If a grade 5 or higher student is new to our program, he/she may receive a Bible from us at no charge.

In taking a hard look at the Middle School content, and in our desire to make these years just so very full of the richness and depth of our Catholic faith, we are going to be using the grade 7 books in grade 6, and using other books – notably the Bible and the Catechism – in grades 7 and 8.  We will be bringing in other amazing Catholic authorities as well, equipping these students to become even stronger believers and defenders of the faith.

Every classroom will have its own copy of  The Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Please pray for all of us as we embark on this adventure for God’s glory!

Your Pickle,

Marian Bart