When God Chuckles

I led a Project Linus Blanket Party on November 7. For the first time I can remember in all the years of our chapter’s existence, I specifically prayed for the success of the party when I awoke that morning. I prayed that the day would be enjoyable and productive, and even… I sheepishly admit it: as I stumbled to the sink, pining for my still-cozy pillow, I prayed that it would be easy.

And God must have snickered. (‘Bout time you prayed for this, Kid. Hmmm, let’s see what We can do….)

For His glory, I report the results I have seen so far. First, and I do count this because God knows NO time barriers when it comes to answering prayer, we received a free lunch without even having to ask for it. Months previously, two men from Western and Southern Life Insurance pulled my Linus business card from the raffle jar at Elaine’s Bagels, looked up our website, were touched by the good work we do, and called me to ask if they could support it. I asked them if they’d buy lunch for the party, and – hey! Now that I think about it, they laughed a little in reply. And said yes. (I got the free bagels, too.)

The whole day went incredibly well. We had at least 60 people in attendance; whereas usually we have around 40. We had many, many young people there who cheerfully and smoothly learned new skills from the more experienced ones in the room. We had plenty of fabric, plenty of equipment, and lots of donated goodies to snack on. On a sentimental note, the young woman who was photographed for the newspaper during our very first blanket party… back when she was just 9, was there again to help. Though we’ve been known to in the past, we didn’t blow any fuses, break any sewing machines, or “spill over” into anybody else’s time slot. We tagged and finished 347 blankets in 5 hours. Three hundred and forty-seven! Every single one of them got finished – no rushing, no sweat – before it was time to clean up. Then, somehow, minus the 60 that went directly into the hands of our delivery specialists, all those blankets fit into my van, and I took them over to Faith@Work for storage.

And then, there, His ever-abundant, cup-overflowing, side-splitting love hit me like a Jersey Shore wave.

‘Cuz sitting in front of the storage cabinets was a tower of recently delivered boxes, holding over 100 more beautiful blankets. Wow, is God good. And generous, and gentle, and hilarious. And I thank Him.

Speaking of great gifts and of Project Linus, I would like to announce that the November 7 party was my last one as the leader. From now on, I’m to be known as a Blanketeer instead! It has been a pleasure – and at times a deep comfort – to have been your coordinator for the last 8 years. Thank you all so much! Our new leader is my buddy Allyson Wyckhuyse; I trust that God and the rest of you will continue to give her bountiful support.