Business Manager Update

I’m in mourning. As most of you know, I am probably the biggest Harley-Davidson geek in the AOD, maybe the country. There is a big Harley-Davidson rally in Sturgis South Dakota every year during the 1st full week in August. It’s exactly 1,385 miles from my driveway; I’ve gone every year since 2002. I love that ride out to South Dakota – the rally is just crazy, and that beautiful scenery that is so much more vivid on a motorcycle than in a car or truck, but I especially miss the time with my son (he’s also a rider) and my buddy Jimbo…the camaraderie is just so cool and the whole experience serves as a retreat for all three of us. I decided to skip the rally this year…Since the rally last year, my daughter got married, my son got married, I started a new job, a close friend and neighbor of ours committed suicide, I’ve been helping my son-in-law Tony fix up a house, and taking care of my Mom (she has Alzheimer’s) has become a more intense and emotionally draining experience. For the first time this past Saturday, my mom didn’t recognize me immediately when I went to visit her at the memory care unit she stays at…she did after about 10 minutes…but that first time your mom doesn’t know who you are is gut wrenching…I expected it at some point, but when it actually does happen you really aren’t prepared for it. I would like to mention that through all this, my wife Arlene has been my rock…you should see her with my mom, she’s so good to her, cutting her nails, painting them, making sure her meds are regulated properly, and many times visiting Mom during her weekly day off…a day that is supposed to be for her…I thank God for her. So with all that, I decided to skip the rally….but mark my word, I’m already making plans for the rally next year – hope you don’t mind me deviating from strictly business.

Father J.J. and Father Mark are two priests that practice what they preach…as you know, we are tightening our belts in anticipation of a fiscally challenging year. The AOD has mandated that we increase the monthly food/incidental allowance for the Pastor and Associate, effective with July 1, 2009. Both Father J.J. and Father Mark have refused to accept this increase…the saving to St. Anastasia will be just in excess of $2,000. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added access to the front office for those mobility challenged parishioners and visitors. Normally, a job like this would cost $1,000 or more just for the labor and then at least another $800 for material and marking the spaces, but our maintenance staff headed by Bill Scally and his crew rented an air hammer for $90 busted out the concrete and prepared the area for the new concrete. We found a cement finisher that offered to do the finish work for us for $250 plus material cost of $246. Marking the area will be another $250…so the total cost for time and material was $836 vs a possible $1,800…job well done Bill…a good deal all the way around.

Work has started on our new website…I can’t wait to roll it out…we have some great ideas to make the site user friendly and more interactive. Those of you that participate in the automated donation program may notice several transactions for $0 on your next bank statement. The bank went to a new IT system and in testing the automated link some transactions needed to be run. Any problems or issues, be sure to let me know. God bless, Franz