Yes, He Is

Chances are pretty good that we all either know or belong to a family in which one of the children has a serious condition that requires a LOT of time, attention, administration and care.  What would happen if someone said to the parents, “I can see how much you love that child; I bet you don’t love your other children at all.”

Ridiculous, right?  Because while it is true that we humans can experience limitations on our time and energy, we have absolutely no limit on our ability to love.  We would never think to say such words to those parents.

So let’s consider this: Why is it a common human idea that God can’t possibly have time for us, that He’s not listening, and He would certainly never speak a Word to us – today, here. We can claim that with all the starving, war-ravaged, and poverty-stricken souls in the world, He must be too busy.  But is that truly the kind of God we profess when we say He is a Father Almighty, a Father without limitations of any kind? Nope.

God loves you and me, personally, by name.  He loves us so much that He is always, always listening.  And He is always, always singing His love songs to each of us: through nature, through others, through His Son (the Word!), through the Scriptures and Sacraments, through prayer.  It’s our job to be still enough to hear Him and to respond.  Last week I heard these words from Him, and I feel called to share them with you:

Do not doubt My presence, My existence, My love.

I have told you My name — I AM.

You are not alone: not now, not ever.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader