WYD Rio: Day 5

Our pilgrims will recharge with breakfast at the hotel before heading out for another session of Catechesis.

This evening, they will be wecoming our Holy Father, Pope Francis at Copacabana Beach!

In pilgrim updates, Fr. Eric texts that yesterday was tiring and rainy, but great! And he was able to see many churches! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of their pictures when they return and take a look at Brazilian church architecture and decoration.

We also received a few pictures!

Fr Eric Coconut Water
Fr. Eric drinking coconut water on Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach

And another great story from our pilgrims: “My mom, sister, and I went to a bakery and we had no idea how to order in Portuguese. We were wandering for a while trying to figure it out. Then, a kind man helped translate between English and Portuguese. Don’t worry, I got my brigadeiro!”

Do not worry about our pilgrims getting lost in Rio! They have some great tour guides helping them out!
Tour guides
Ingrid (left) and Marcella (right); “Without them, we would be so lost!”