WYD Rio: Day 4

Today begins the first day of Catechesis for the pilgrims! They will gather at one of many English-speaking locations in the area with many other pilgrims and receive instruction. These sessions can include talks given by bishops, praise & worship music (nothing like dancing with a bunch of your fellow pilgrims from around the world!), and skits.

After Catechesis, they will have the opportunity to engage in some of the many, many festivities in the surrounding area!

In other news, we received some updates from the pilgrims! Fr. Eric texted us to say that WYD so far was “Great but busy!”

We also got some photos to share!

Alyssa shared that all of the food they have had so far is delicious! Some of what they had was coconut water on the beach and an all-you-can-eat Brazilian buffet.

Coconut Water on the Beach
Coconut water in real coconuts!

All You Can Eat Brazilian Buffet
The chicken heart was surprisingly delicious!

Yummy Pizza

This picture shows some of the flavor of Rio:
Fun Little Phone Booths in Brazil
Fun little phone booths in Brazil, with Alyssa

Not only are our pilgrims having a great time and enjoying WYD, but they are representing St. Anastasia in remarkable ways down in Rio. The story behind this photo was that a stranger gave Cass flowers, and in turn, she gave them to an elderly woman on the subway. What a way to share Christ’s love with others!
Cass on the Subway

Finally, our pilgrims *did* make it up to Christ the Redeemer! However, the weather was rainy and foggy, so this was their view:
View from Christ the Redeemer

Here is Alyssa and Fr. Eric with Christ the Redeemer in the background. A great shot, despite the weather!
Alyssa and Fr. Eric at Christ the Redeemer