Who’s On First?

Over and over again, our God lets us know that we need to put Him first.  We hear this message in the first Commandment given to us through Moses; we hear it in this week’s Gospel; we hear it when we attempt to live it and come to understand its glorious effects.  Putting God first in our hearts – and, literally, in our days – creates the kind of relationship with the Divine that He wants for us. As a good friend of mine stated recently, “A disciple is someone who wakes up every morning wondering how the Lord is going to use him.”

How, though?  How can we make it a habit to put God first in our days?  One very simple – ridiculously simple – technique I have found is to set my clock-radio to play loud static.  So now, rather than waking up to the immediate imposition of other people’s ideas (whether they might be jokes, news, marketing, music, or whatever), I wake to a meaningless noise.  And it’s SO easy to fill that moment with prayer!  Here’s one I like:  God, bless my day. May it be exactly everything You want for me. And may I be, today, exactly the person You created for Your own glory, pleasure, and communion.  Fill me up and pour me out, Lord. Amen.

Your Pickle,

Marian Bart

Parish Catechetical Leader