Understanding the Budget

In our continuing series covering the finances of our parish, we’d like to highlight St. Anastasia’s annual budget. This is different than the Weekly Budgeted Collection that was explained in the previous article. The annual budget is an extensive document that details all of the income and expenses throughout the parish.

Costs are broken down by departments such as Education, Worship, Administration, Christian Service, Parish Life, and Operations. There are more than individual line items within all of these departments and it’s the job of the staff and Parish Financial Council to keep everything balanced.

Over the years, the budget has been refined to reflect the actual costs involved in running the wide variety of programs and missions within our parish family. Each year, staff in every department submits their new budget. This filters through the Business Manager, Pastor and ultimately to the proposed budget which is then extensively discussed, adjusted, and approved by the Finance Council. The budget is approved and submitted to the AOD by May as the fiscal year begins July 1.

Much of the discussion is between the balance of the programs and services that we, as a parish, provide to ourselves and our community versus our expected revenue for the year, almost all of which comes from weekly collections. There is always more work to be done, more programs to offer and expand, and more people who need our help. We remain committed to maintaining the financial stability of St. Anastasia so there is never a need to cease these programs.

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