Top Ten List

For many years, I was blessed to be a catechist/Bible study leader for a particular group of young people.  As I cleaned out files this week, I found this list I created for them of the “Top Ten Things I Have to Say Before I Let You Go.”  I think I personally still need the counsel within it; I’m sharing it here in case it speaks to you too.

  1. It’s normal to have occasional doubts about God. When this happens, ask yourself if you can 100% deny that He exists…. I bet you can’t. And if you’re going to believe even just a little, you may as well believe all the way and let it bless you.
  2. LOVE is a choice and an action, not a feeling. It is not based on physical appearance, wealth, intelligence, popularity, or any other concept other than love itself. Choose love.
  3. The Holy Spirit can give you every kind of strength you need. Just ask.
  4. Be thankful in every circumstance. Trust God.
  5. Dedicate each day to God when you wake up. Pray constantly.
  6. The Catholic Church, like any human group, is not perfect in every single regard. It is, though, the original church and offers every opportunity for full communion with God and all his beloved ones; her well-reasoned answers on matters of faith and morals are whole and true. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially when it’s hard.
  7. God is always waiting right next to your heart to be invited in. He knows you are not worthy. He’ll dance right on in anyway if you let him.
  8. Practice merciful forgiveness. Mercy, like love, is not an emotion. Those who don’t deserve it need mercy the most. Recognize that you, too, need it. Desperately.
  9. Vanity can mean worrying about how others see you. Pride can mean worrying about how you see yourself. Holiness means being concerned only with pleasing God. Strive for holiness.
  10. There are invisible needs all people have. Some of them are peace, joy, true love, acceptance, communion, discipline, forgiveness, and eternal life. Many people – even those who should know better – try to find these gifts in the wrong place. God created us to want these gifts because He is the one who gives them. He is the fulfillment of every human desire.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader