Thoughts from the Cave

What is the Church asking of us today? You probably know the answer! The Church is asking us to pray in a very special way for all the deceased.  God knows all things: he knows what we are doing now because he watches us. He waits for us to turn to him with the simplicity of a child and when a person does this that person wish to be a saint, then the person must ready them self to being consistent, must respond to God’s grace consistently, positively, and unconditionally. This means, the person cannot allow my emotions to run my life. the person cannot solely follow or trust Their instincts, Their desires, Their feelings or Their emotions. Nor can they allow “the times”, “the fashions” “the storms” or “the current” to sweep me away. They must give the benefit of the doubt to the Lord. They must allow Him to pick me up and sweep me off my feet.

What do these words of Jesus mean:  All that the Father gives me will come to me; and him who comes to me I will not cast out? Answer is to be one with the Lord – in my thoughts, words and actions – I must fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ.  But there is a problem, when things go great, we can take it for granted and stop being vigilant. When things do not go great, we blame others, when things go awful, we want to get away!

In the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, WE SEE how to stay vigilant.  In fact, the one whom the Father gives to his Son is first, or rather, eternally, the Spirit, who is common to both the Father and to the Son: because the Holy Spirit is the divine Person in whom God exists like a Gift, and like a Gift of oneself. So, when the Father gives to his Son all men who are called to go towards Christ, it is first and foremost this other fact which is accomplished: the Gift of the Holy Spirit. If therefore, during a person’s life on earth remains Consistency united to the Holy Spirit by means of faith, hope, and charity.

The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son according to their common will. All this may appear to be difficult for us to understand. That is quite normal, since the Most Holy Trinity is and will always remain a Mystery. Nonetheless, it is necessary to speak of it because today, we are commemorating all the faithful departed.