The Earth-bound Cure

It seems to me that the last barrier we humans must defeat to live as authentic Catholic Christians is the somewhat awkward stage in our lives when we do not actively desire Heaven.  Though we may whole-heartedly pray, worship, serve, and love, we can still remain supremely and stubbornly comfortable in our earthly robes and mortal slippers.  Some of us can vaguely admit to Heaven’s distantly benevolent existence, but when the invitation to personally begin to experience Heaven arrives, we tend to mumble and quickly flick to a new subject.  Or some of us do allow ourselves to think about Heaven, but tend to regard it as a feeble joke, a nuisance, a bummer, or a wishy-washy tedium – something, in other words, to be rather avoided.  Indeed, our human minds and hearts can stop far short of dwelling on – dwelling in – God’s Eternity. Oh my.

A sure cure for this thorny malady can be found within good art.  Art offers us a therapeutic link between our attractively familiar material world and the even better reality that awaits us; it’s a glorious instrument that we may easily WANT to use, even in our weakness, because it is both beautiful and accessible.  The right art can be a remedy that leads us, now, to begin to “dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture” (Ps. 37:3).  My own favorite music-and-book prescription for the earth-bound blues, in specific paired order, follows.

  1. One of These Days by FFH & The Shack by Young
  2. Falling In Love by Randy Newman;Big House by Audio Adrenaline & The Chronicles of Narnia by Lewis
  3. Deep Enough To Dream by Chris Rice & A Travel Guide To Heaven by DeStefano
  4. Still Calls Me Son by John Waller & Mist of Mercy by Anne, A Lay Apostle
  5. Only the World by Mandisa & The Great Divorce by Lewis
  6. Welcome Home (You) by Brian Littrell & The Lamb’s Supper by Hahn
  7. Lover of My Soul by Amy Grant & Song of Solomon, Old Testament
  8. When The Saints by Sara Groves & The Fulfillment of All Desire by Martin
  9. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe & The Book of Revelations, New Testament
  10. Homesick by MercyMe & Love Is Stronger Than Death by Kreeft

If you’d like to talk about any of these works or share some of your own favorites with me, please stop by, email, or call.  May we all be led closer to the Kingdom through the shared gifts and talents of these artists!

Your Pickle,