Story Time

 “…we all reflect as in a mirror the splendor of the Lord…”     2 Corinthians 3:18

Perhaps you have already noticed, or perhaps today is the day it becomes news to you:  Fr. J.J., our associate priests, parish council, commissions, and staff have been making a gradual, purposeful push for you (yes, you!) to be able to tell others about your love story with the God who is Love.

One of the first steps toward being able to tell that story is recognizing that there is one, and then realizing that even though the story is ongoing/never-ending, it’s still important to be able to pick out key parts of it to relay to others for their benefit as well as our own.  Jesus passionately wants you and me to do this!

So, in fairness, here is part of my story.

One summer night when I was about 12, I was sleeping soundly in my bed.  My screened windows were open to the warm breeze and to the voice of my big brother who was out past curfew.  He stood beneath my window, throwing small rocks upward and calling my name, hoping that I would wake and unlock the front door.  The only response I gave him, from my deep slumber, was:  “Yes, Lord?”

Because of this little piece of my past, I am particularly fascinated by the true tale of Samuel, Eli, and the LORD in our first reading this weekend (1 Samuel 3:3-19).  It gives me much to ponder.  I marvel at the humor and beauty of both nights.  I consider the nature of childlike faith, of willing obedience, of immediate response.  My heart dwells on the multifaceted loveliness of being called by God – with His own voice or the voice of others.  It’s a part of my life that sharpens my vision of the bigger picture.

I also recognize that if my brother hadn’t heard my response, and taken the time (since he was grounded anyway) to laugh about it with me the next day, that part of my own romance with God would have remained unknown…unappreciated….unexplored.  I’m so glad he told me.

Your turn.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader