Stephens Ministry – ministers in training Needed

Words can never adequately convey or express the incredible impact of life’s challenges.  Each one of us experiences unique stressful situations in life – a loss of a loved one, grief over any loss (spouse, child, parent, friend, a pet, job, marriage, etc.), health issues, long-term care or end of life issues, separation or divorce, unemployment, overwhelming feelings, or struggles with faith in God.  Life can be 20% what happens to us and 80% how we respond to these challenges. A Stephens Minister can help walk with you through life’s challenges.

We are beginning classes for new ministers on Monday nights, at the end of October. We are in great need of new ministers.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Stephen Minister, please call Kim Houseman in the Christian Service office at (248) 689-8380 Ext. 112.

We are running short on Stephen Ministers and we need more ministers in training, to keep up with the demand at St. Anastasia. If you were interested in training, and have not yet been contacted, please call us. Denis V we are looking for you but have the wrong # J