Small Words

It was a storm-cloud kind of day.   I was annoyed.  Frustrated.  Irritated.  Over-taxed.  But, when asked to help a newcomer to our country with his email difficulties, I went.  Kneeling next to his desk, fiddling with the keyboard and mouse, I noticed the name of a dear friend in the email inbox.  “You know this man already?” I asked in wonder.  “I love him!”

“Ah, yes,” was the reply.  “He loves you too.”

And suddenly my day was brilliant.  Everything was possible. Others were easily forgiven, and duties were lighter.  Because on some day in the past, in a conversation I will never hear, someone said something kind about me to someone else.  And that was enough to remind me of God’s eternal, ever-new love.

The lesson I take from that day is an increased resolve to sincerely let others know how wonderful they are, both indirectly (as in the story above) and directly – whether it’s through prayer, conversation, notes, texts, or social media.   Sometimes when I do it, I feel like I’m taking a ridiculous risk, but then I remember Jesus’ outlandish love for us and consider how HE would use modern technology.  Then I do it anyway.  Won’t you join me, precious child of the King?

Your Pickle,

Marian Bart

Parish Catechetical Leader