Clothing Drive – 10/21

October 21st 8AM – 11:30am Davidson Center

Resurrection / Capuchin Clothing Drive

Over the past 40 years, the wonderful people of St. Anastasia have been providing clothing to Resurrection Home and the residents of Beattyville, Kentucky. This year because of the tremendous outpouring of love we are looking to broaden your giving to include a local group. Each fall/spring we will rotate the local charity and this fall we have elected to support the Capuchin’s, who support the less fortunate in metro Detroit.

All of us have been tremendously blessed, and this clothing drive is one way we can all show our expression of gratitude to our God. As we are reminded in the Bible, we are not owners but rather stewards of our worldly possessions. Some of our possessions may not have been taken out of the closet in a while, but for sure ‘gifts’ that others can use!

If anyone is willing to work at the clothing drive or transport clothes to Kentucky, please email The Bright’s@  moc.y1508706186awwow1508706186@37yb1508706186ba1508706186">Greg Bright at (248) 396-7417.