Parish Library

The St. Anastasia Catholic Church parish library’s collection encourages spiritual growth, awareness of God’s presence and knowledge of the Catholic Church, its teachings and doctrines. As our founding pastor said, "The Library is the second tabernacle of God." - Fr. William B. Davidson

The St. Anastasia Catholic Church Parish Library is available to all registered parishioners.  Our collection focuses primarily on Catholic teachings, Scripture, prayer, Christian-living, saints, and Christian-themed fiction and non-fiction.

The St. Anastasia Catholic Church Parish Library is open during parish office hours and after all weekend Masses.  The parish library is located in the hallway behind the parish Social Hall.

For any questions and information about the St. Anastasia Catholic Church Parish Library, please contact Betty Navarre at (248) 689-8380, ext. 131 or by *protected email*



Looking for a good summer read?

You will find many in the parish library.

In the Young  Reader  (YR) stacks we have:

1.  Max Lucado is a bestselling Christian author who has written a series of children’s books .  We have 3 titles based on the author’s series on the Wemmicks, who are wooden puppets, and their creator, a woodcarver, named Eli.  Through these stories Lucado shows our children how God loves them and builds their self- esteem.  The titles in this series are:

                You Are Made Special

                Just the Way You Are

                If Only I Had a Green Nose

2.  Dianne Ahern has written a series for ages 8 and up entitled, Adventures with Sister Philomena: Special Agent for the Pope.    We have the first 2 books in this series:

Lost in the Peter’s Tomb  is the first book in the series .  Children will be introduced to Italian words and phrases, learn about the Vatican and Italian lifestyles, as well as famous places and works of art in Italy. 

Break-In at the Basilica is the second book in the series. Woven into this great tale of adventure are the personal stories of Saint Francis and Saint Clare and the sights and sounds of Assisi. 


In the Adult collection

1.  THE GOOD POPE – John XXIII & Vatican II  by Greg Tobin  (Biography)

The making of a Saint and the remaking of the Church.  Pope John XXIII ushered in an era of hope and openness.  He set the example for how the Catholic Church would react to the rapidly modernizing outside world.   “I want to throw open the windows of the Church,” he said, “so that we can see out and the people can see in.”  Blessed John XXIII is remembered today by Catholics and non-Catholics alike as an enduring symbol of peace, ecumenicalism, and Christian spirituality.

2.  Have you met Joshua?  Who is Joshua and what is he up to?  The answer surprises all almost as much as the discovery of the same love within each of our own hearts.  Sometimes it happens.  After two thousand years, the human race is given another chance.  Joseph Girzone has woven magical stories that will warm, excite, and inspire all readers.  Take a look at this wonderful series.  From Joshua to

 Joshua & the Children to The Parables of Joshua and more;  enjoy meeting Joshua.  You can find these books in the fiction collection.

Stop by the parish library and see all the wonderful books we have for children, teens and adults.  To check out material from the library follow the instructions on the table.