Off and Running – Toward the Grand Goal!

   We have had the pleasure of welcoming back all our students and catechists in the past weeks, and  – Wow!  It is great to have everyone back in the building, bustling around!  My favorite moment was overhearing a second grade catechist energetically encouraging her students to learn each others’ names AND the best lesson of all by having them declare, “Jesus loves Michael!” (etc.) as they moved through their lesson.  Our staff always enjoys meeting and greeting the families who gather here, and we thank everyone who makes the time to make the Lord a priority!

   Please remember, parents, to check the St. Anastasia website often for schedules, policies, procedures, contact information, announcements, and more.  We do have quite a few parent sessions throughout the year because it is our job (Ask Archbishop Vigneron!) to educate and inspire the faithful of all ages, bringing each person closer to the ultimate goal of an ever-more abundant life with God.

   Many times in the past few weeks I have heard parents asking about the possibility of us having a summer catechism program here.  While I do see certain practical advantages of that for busy families, I also maintain that it is more important to be bringing the students onto our campus on a habitual basis, allowing them to experience the flow of the liturgical seasons, to visit the church and chapel periodically, to take advantage of the sacraments, and to spend time with our priests and deacons.   It is important for all of us to recognize that “church” is not just another item on the to-do list.  Rather, it’s an investment in a relationship: the best investment we can make – with a more assured and more desirable outcome, even, than investing in the stock market, tutors, sports clinics, private lessons, or cable TV.  Let’s all continue to keep our eyes on the greatest prize!

Your Pickle,

Marian Bart