Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor and act as the “eyes and ears” of the parish.  The Council reflects upon the visions, hopes and needs of the parish and then establishes goals that are in turn implemented by the Parish Commissions and committees.

The current list of goals is available here: Focus Areas.

Members of the Council are nominated by an annual lottery and serve a 3 year term. Council meetings are held (generally) on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and are open to parish members.  November and December tend to differ from the pattern.

Questions and concerns for the PPC can be emailed to the Parish Council.


Pastor, Fr. Steve Wertanen

Associate Pastor, Fr. Jim Grau

Associate Pastor, Fr. Greg Piatt

Deacon Don Baross


Chair:  Darlene Douglas

Vice Chair:  Gretchen Mena



Adult Faith Formation:  (Regina Simony)

Representative:  Theresa Spranger

   Christian Service:  (Kim Houseman)

Representative:  Marci Aiuto

Education:  (Elizabeth Spencer)

Representative: Open

Evangelization:  (Brenda Kozlowski)

Representative:  Susan Yoder

Finance:  (Brian Burgin)

Representative:  Joraine Glasscock

Parish Life & Stewardship :  (Brenda Kozlowski)

Representative:  Erin Everlof

   Worship:  (Holly Michelcavage)

Representative:  Glenn O’Connell



Young Adults:  (Fr. Jim Grau)

Representative:  Jenn Miller

Youth Ministry:  (Andy Cipolla)

Representative:  Open/Varies


Parishioners at Large: (Term End)

Representative:  Steve Duffy (2017)


Representative:  Jenni Jaworski (2017)

Representative:  John Pale (2017)

Representative:  Carolyn Hernandez (2018) (2 Yr.)

      Representative:  Betty Navarre (2018)

      Representative:  Tim Mrock (2019) (3 Yr.)

Representative:  Joe Sakmar (2019) (3 Yr.)

Alternate Representative:  Bill McGrane (2017) (1 Yr.)

Alternate Representative:  Tyler Burt (2017) (1 Yr.)

Alternate Representative:  Pat Parker (2017) (1 Yr.)



Representative:  Maria Komasara

Representative:  Mike Wullaert


   Staff Liaison:

Representative:  Florence Parent