Altar Servers

St. Anastasia Altar Servers

Dependable young people fulfill an important need by ministering as altar servers at weekend liturgies and holy days of obligation.

Altar Server Schedule

The March – July 2017 Online Schedule is available here.

The August – November 2017 Online Schedule will be made available here.

Want to Become an Altar Server?

Anyone who has started third grade and received first communion can serve. Three servers are scheduled for each Mass, typically every 4-6 weeks. The schedule does accommodate your preferred Mass times. Masses on Christmas, other Holy Days of Obligation, and major holidays are scheduled on a volunteer basis to accommodate the many parishioners who attend Mass elsewhere at those times. All new servers attend a training session in the fall and a review session in the spring. If interested, either contact Holly through Email, complete this form and turn it in to the parish office, or call 248.689.8380 ext. 109.

Altar Server Guide

The detailed Altar Server Guide, with parts for each server, is available here for current servers who want to review. New servers go through several training sessions, which break this down into much more manageable parts.