Lent is Coming

We are so blessed – in big and little ways, in every moment. We are even blessed, I think, that Lent begins so late this year, giving us a chance to enjoy all those Valentine’s Day treats and Girl Scout cookies before we circle around into the holy season of… what? Deprivation? Broken promises? Empty show? Surely not. How about discipline? Yep, I like that word because it contains such promise. After all, Hebrews 12:10 reminds us that God “disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share his holiness.” That is profoundly good news, my friends: God’s will is that, beginning now and even more so someday, we are to be made HOLY – so much like Him (who is a reckless exchange of love) that we overflow with life, joy, and peace; so holy that boredom, hurriedness, anxiety, loneliness, and pain will become impossible. Oh, discipline us, Lord!


I also like the word discipline because it encourages me to remember and rejoice in the fact that I have intentionally chosen to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The ancient Jewish understanding of a good disciple was of one who followed his rabbi’s instruction and lifestyle so closely that they became nearly indistinguishable from each other. What passion that must require, on both sides! Jesus Christ has that kind of passion for you and me. Do we daily choose to respond in kind?

A great opportunity to explore this Most Important Relationship is coming to us! Beginning next week, on Monday, March 3 and ending on Ash Wednesday March 5, Meg Hunter-Kilmer is going to be here to lead our Parish Mission. Meg is a young, dynamic disciple who will help us make (or re-make) that decision to fall in love with Jesus, to know more about staying in love with Him, and to celebrate how that elevates everything about our lives, now and forever. EVERYONE is welcome to come to this Lenten retreat; I believe it will prove most engaging for those over the age of 12. If you take a good look at the schedule you’ll see that we are also going to receive testimonies from fellow parishioners and that we’re offering some extra Reconciliation times, a Praise & Worship session on Tuesday, and a simple soup supper (no charge) on Wednesday. All of our regular meetings and classes are on break during this time so that you can make plans to attend. Invite your family! Invite your friends! Bring your heart to Him.

– Marian Bart