Jottings from Fr. J.J.

HELP US HELP THEM- As you heard in the announcements last weekend, we are having a problem with folks waiting in the parking lot asking for money after Masses.  I want you to be aware that we have offered assistance to these individuals numerous times through both our Christian Service Department and St. Vincent de Paul, but they declined.  They can be aggressive and have actually stolen money.  I ask that you do not give them money.  The police have been made aware of the situation.  Please pray for these folks.

FEED THE HUNGRY IN THE RIGHT WAY-  In a few short weeks we will be hosting homeless men, women, and children here in our DC through the South Oakland Shelter (SOS).  We want to care for these folks as best we can.  There is a signup sheet or specific food items to bring.  Please make sure that you pitch in and help.  Get involved as well.  Simply sharing a conversion with a guest does a world of good.  Thank you ahead of time for what you do.

FAREWELL AND HELLO- Over the last several years our liturgies have benefited musically with a gentleman named Neal Eisenstein tickling the ivories so we could praise our Lord.  This was only a part time position and Neal was offered a full time job else ware.  We were sad to see Neal go, and wish him well.

I am happy to announce that Dr. Chun and the Choir have not been abandoned.  We invite a new member to the team, Catherine Thomas.  Catherine has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Masters Degree in Music Education so I am sure that her gifts are going to be utilized well here at St. A’s.  Please give her a personal greeting and make her feel welcomed.

IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO GET IN WITH THE COOL CROWD- On Nov. 21st the St. Anastasia Senior group is skipping their normal routine to get a pickleball lesson at ??? in the gym.  You can join in too.  One of our illustrious parishioners, Ken Peacock, is a member of the USAPA.  That’s the United States of America Pickleball Association.  Look it up if you think I’m pulling your leg.  Why not learn from the best?

God bless,
Fr. J.J.