Jottings from Fr. J.J.

AWESOME LEADERS STEPPING UP- The Holy Spirit selected two new parish members to fill in the vacancies left by two parish members who completed their duties.  Thank you to Erwin Coronel and Jim Collison for their years of service.  Thank you and congrats to Darlene Douglas and Doris Jackson for stepping up to the plate to serve.

I SIGNED UP AND NO ONE CALLED!!!- There is a good reason for that.  We have had a big issue with our computers.  We input your names, but they won’t remain listed!  So, if you signed up for a ministry and have not been contacted yet, do not panic.  We are getting help from the head honcho’s who designed the program.  We survived before computers and we can do it by hand (which is exactly what is going to happen).

Therefore, it will take a little longer.  We are making manual copies of the info needed and then distributing it to the correct department head.  We will call you as soon as possible (hopefully by mid November).  So, please be patient with us and continue to dig in and serve the Lord.  If you signed up for “the Christmas Ball” or Children’s Liturgy of the Word, please call Chris Broses NOW at 248-689-8380. Speaking of Children’s Liturgy, it is a great deal of fun.  Please, ask those who do it.  You might consider helping our younger parishioners get more out of the scripture.  Plus, you do not have to suffer through my homily.

HAVE A SPECIAL NEED OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES . . .- We are very, very blessed.  One of your fellow parishioners, actually one of your fellow NEW parishioners, Nicole Gordon, has volunteered to oversee a special section in our Religious Education program for any child with special needs.  If you know of anyone who has not enrolled in our program because their child has a significant issue, please have them give us a call.

FORGET BLOOD FROM A TURNUP, HOW ABOUT FROM US- I want you to tap into your competitive nature.  Why?  You can save lives if you do.  We have 37 parishes in our Vicariate.  Good old St. Anastasia ranks as number three in the top performers in donating blood with 197 pints collected.  We potentially saved 576 lives.  We fall behind only Holy Name, Birmingham (240 pints, 720 lives saved) and St. Fabian, Farmington Hills (197 pints, 591 lives saved).

So, remember, we are bigger.  We are better.  We have more blood flowing through our veins.  We can save more lives than two parishes that are smaller than St. Anastasia.  We can sign up for our blood drive on Oct. 22nd by simply calling Linda Perry at 248-828-8230

WE ARE IN A PICKLE AGAIN!!- Pickle Ball, played every Thursday from 9am to 11:30am, in our gym has been an overwhelming success.  It has gotten so popular that folks are on a waiting list.  What do we do now?  Well, we added a second court and are looking for even more folks to come and play.  What is pickle ball you ask?  It is something that EVERYONE can play: from kids to senior citizen.  So give Kim a call here in the office (248)689-8380 and sign up.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.