Jottings from Fr. J.J.

WE ARE GOING TO THE MOVIES! – When? This Weekend! Sunday, October 13. Where? Emagine Theater (200 Barclay Circle, Rochester Hills, 48307). What time: 7-8:30 pm (doors open at 6:30).  On the anniversary of the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ at Fatima on October 13, Pope Francis is consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In honor of the anniversary and the Papal Consecration, St. Anastasia and St. Mary of the Hills will be presenting the highly acclaimed film, THE 13TH DAY.  It’s the incredible true story of the three children in Fatima, Portugal who were chosen by God to offer an urgent message of hope to the world in 1917.  

There may still be some tickets left, so we hope you can join this opportunity to gather for fellowship, entertainment, and popcorn, to experience the incredible, emotionally-charged and harrowing world of three young children whose choice to remain loyal to their beliefs, even in the face of death, inspired thousands! A small supply of Ignatius books and DVDs will be available for purchase.

Parents please be advised that there is an intense scene of hell.

Admission is just $5/person with a $20 cap for each nuclear family. If they are not yet sold out, tickets may be available right now on the website,  Online tickets do have a small service fee attached. At-the-door tickets may or may not be offered, depending on availability of seats.  We plan to offer three more movies like this during the coming year, so stay tuned!

“WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SEND OFF”-  We celebrate about fifty funerals each year here at our parish.  After celebrating a funeral liturgy, many times people express how wonderful the Mass was.  Often times Fr. Moses and I get the credit, but . . . The grieving family first meets with Holly Michelcavage, our Sacramental coordinator to pick readings, music, etc.  She calls “The Veronica’s”, our wonderful funeral luncheon committee, who puts that into motion if there is to be a lunch here.  A Master of Ceremonies, i.e. an Adult server, is contacted to assist at the mass and often assists at the cemetery.  Wake service ministers, trained parishioners who run the liturgy at the funeral home, are contacted and fulfill their ministry.  Finally, the deceased is prayed home through the Eucharistic liturgy.  At the Mass, often times folks who are not Catholic are in attendance.  These individuals often times do not participate in the responses.  This could make for a pretty quiet Mass if not for our Resurrection choir (see the picture).  These folks are volunteers who regularly attend the funeral liturgies and lead the music.  Thank you one and all who are always there to give our loved ones that “beautiful send off.”  You are very much appreciated!

WHEN IN ROME . . .- I ask for your prayers this week in a special way.  If you are not aware, I am Chaplain for an organization called “The Patron of the Art’s in the Vatican Museums.”  This is a group that works to make sure that some of the priceless collection of art that the Vatican Museum has is able to be seen by future generations.  We do this by having the art preserved and restored.  This week I have the honor of attending the 30th anniversary gala IN Rome.  I am a little nervous, but excited.  Thank you ahead of time for all of your prayers.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.