Jottings from Fr. J.J.

…is the title of the 2013 CSA appeal. I believe that you are doing just that, i.e. sharing Christ. By hitting our target ($248,532) here at St. Anastasia, we not only help feed all of the ministries throughout the archdiocese, we also help our own ministries here in the parish. With the second collection (which I hate doing) a few weeks ago, we went $16,637 beyond our target. Yay! That money comes back to us untaxed. This means we can do even more things effectively here on our campus. So far we have received $159,199, so keep those payments coming. Thank you so much for being such generous servants of Christ!

Thanks to all of you who signed up in the last few weeks for all of our ministries that need your talents. We are still compiling all the info into the computer and you should be getting a call soon to begin your ministry.

Next weekend you will have a chance to perform one of the corporal works of mercy. In the early 1990s, the Detroit Board of Education proposed starting several all-male academies in an attempt to address the alarmingly high dropout rate of high school males. However, a U.S. District Court ruled that the plan violated the Michigan Constitution. But recognizing that the Board’s plan had merit, the Archdiocese and the Jesuits, decided to jointly sponsor this project, the only such arrangement in the country. Loyola High School is a Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition, nurtures a culture of hope and academic success for young men in Detroit and prepares them to be men of Christian love, justice, and service who act with integrity, compassion, and courage.

Loyola High School is an independent high school for young men who face the challenges of an urban environment and who are serious about their future. Loyola is a partnership of students, staff, parents, and the community, the Archdiocese of Detroit, and the Jesuits of the Detroit Province. All students are given the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ in an atmosphere that respects religious differences and promotes inter-religious dialogue. The goal of Loyola High School is to graduate young men who are marked by the following characteristics: Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving, Committed to Doing Justice.

One problem is that because of financial constraints, many of these young men cannot afford the supplies needed to succeed, i.e. proper clothing. Therefore, next weekend in the gathering space we are collecting uniform items such as shirts, ties, pants, etc. If you would like to make a monetary donation, we are happy to get that to the school as well.

Our Mom and Tot gathering begins this week. Join us this Monday, October 7th at 10 a.m. for a fun and relaxing play date with other Mom’s. It not only gives your little ones a chance to enjoy themselves, but so can you. It is a great way to make friends.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.