Jottings from Fr. J.J.

Since Roe v. Wade was handed down forty years ago on January 22, 1973, about 55 million abortions have been performed in the United States. Half of all abortions are performed on women 24 years old or younger. Only 2% to 3% of the more than 1,000,000 teenagers who will become pregnant this year will place their child for adoption, but over 40% of them will choose abortion. About 1 in 4 (23%) of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. This means that every 26 seconds a baby dies from abortion in America. Their moms live with regret and emotional difficulty. Abortion is one of the least regulated industries in our country. In Michigan, only 4 of 30 surgical abortion clinics are licensed and inspected. Some abortion clinics in Michigan have operated for decades and have never been inspected. The abortion industry is not held to the same health and safety standards as other medical providers.

I list the above information because for many people, abortion is more of an idea than a hard reality. Often the most vigorous abortion proponents know little about how many abortions are actually performed in the United States, or what the principal abortion methods are. They make decisions more emotionally than logically. I believe the abortion debate has become so politically polarized, that we as Disciples often can lose hope. We can forget to utilize our creativity, ingenuity, and intelligence to bring folks to understand what the Lord wants. I offer this idea, because I believe that learning the facts about abortion can lead to a change of heart about the morality of abortion. If we approach the “argument” only in a faith based way, pro-choice folks will often shut us down. A practical and scientific based point of view would do well in convincing people to not support specific legislation to propagate abortion. I invite you to continue to pray. Listen to what the Lord is asking and examine what the Lord himself did. He approached his adversaries with love in a positive and uplifting manner.

One of our parishioners who works with me on the board of Mary’s Mantle (a home for homeless pregnant woman), called a local abortion clinic when they began to advertize about adoption. Our parishioner’s initial reception from the person in charge was very cold. Why? Up to that point, to her, “Catholics were those people who offered no help, but only protested outside and made her life difficult.” Our parishioner had an hour conversation with the manager of the clinic and was able to break through the walls she presented. Mary’s Mantle now receives referrals from three clinics that this manager is affiliated with. Because of a loving dialogue, many desperate women now are being offered hope.

Jesus is stronger than any evil. Do not get discouraged, but do follow His call. In doing so, we can save lives.

A fellow parishioner informed us of a website about unclaimed property. We checked it and thanks to someone including St. Anastasia in their will/trust, we received $1,438.00 that we were not expecting. Good job fellow parishioner and thank you to all of you who are including the parish in your will.

Remember the lady with the cane who is always standing there, hand extended, to welcome you to Mass? That’s Ethel Ciszewicz. This weekend she celebrates 91 years of life. Happy birthday, Ethel!! Ethel told me last week that she’s not going to be able to do this forever, so maybe the Lord is calling you (you’re probably younger than 91) to help Ethel out as being a greeter. So give her a nice birthday gift and step up to the plate. Contact the Parish Office to join the greeter ministry.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.