Jottings from Fr. J.J.

Revised Roman Missal
As we prepare for the implementation of the third edition of The Roman Missal, many folks feel a little nervous. Change is never easy. We wonder about what is ahead? How will it impact my ability to worship? Will I like it? 

We pray easier when we comprehend the words. We pray easier when we become  familiar with the words we pray at Mass. I believe that the revised texts come as an opportunity for liturgical catechesis on the Mass. If we use this time well, we as a congregation will not only be well informed about the revised texts, but also about the depth of our prayers.

I invite you to come to the Church this Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. We will be walking through the Mass and discussing all of the revised texts. I believe that when we do this, we will gain an appreciation for what happens during the entire liturgy, but our faith will be even more informed. See you there.

Dream Big for God
Last weekend we celebrated “Commitment Weekend” in our Changing Lives Together initiative. We had the opportunity to celebrate together in the Social Hall and share what we wanted for the future of our parish, i.e. Dream Big. I was excited to read some of the great ideas you had. I was also excited about your enthusiasm about what we have been doing and where we will go. I was also surprised by some of the confusion that some folks had about the whole initiative itself and how the monies would be used. I am doing my best at contacting all of you who wrote a note or an email. 

The AOD is more transparent than it has ever been. The Archbishop has added layers of financial scrutiny so that we will never get into the financial situation we are in now. It might be helpful if you visited the Archdiocesan website and visit the “Changing Lives Together” section and the “Sharing the Light” section for clearer information on the Loan Deposit program and the John Paul II Center. There is an excellent Q & A regarding the sale of the John Paul II Center (including dollar amounts and specifics). To those who fill out the CLT initiative cards and supply an email address, the Archbishop will send updates on how the money is being utilized. Also, specific information on how the money is collected and used is on the flyers that we have mailed to your home and appeared in the bulletin for the last few months.  

FYI, the use of electronic giving came about after much discussion and    research. It meets both the needs of the church and the donor. The church can plan better when it knows how much money is coming in, much the same as our household budgets. We know what our monthly income is and can budget accordingly. At the donor’s request, many of our parishioners pay their bills electronically and wanted to include their Sunday offering out of convenience. 

Please keep all this in prayer and continue to Dream Big for God. He’ll make it happen.

God bless,
 Fr. J.J.