Jottings from Fr. J.J.

Next weekend, we invite Liz Lev to our hallowed halls. Who is she, you ask? After studying Renaissance art at the  University of Chicago and doing graduate work at the University of Bologna, in Baroque art, she moved to Rome where the intersection of the sacred and the beautiful opened her eyes to greater and deeper meaning in art. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak once and she is amazingly dynamic. So dynamic that one of our employee’s teens stated “I wish that had been longer. I could’ve listened to her all night. If she would’ve kept talking, I would’ve kept learning things.” Ms. Lev is so good, she has been featured on the History Channel, EWTN and The Today Show. Her presentation: A BODY FOR GLORY: Why Michelangelo’s Nudes Trump the Greeks will take place in the Social Hall next Saturday, August 27th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Ms. Lev’s presentation is  appropriate for teens as well, is FREE, and open to the public. There will be wine and cheese served as well. Come join us, listen to a great speaker, and have a fun, free evening out. Please call Regina at 248-689-8380, Ext. 120 and register a spot, they are going quick.

We have a great and generous parish. You have really stepped up to the plate. Our CSA goal for 2011 is $250,460. That money supports many wonderful ministries around the AOD and in the parish. As I   write this, we are only $8,000 away. Unfortunately, if we do not reach the target, the remaining amount has to be paid and will have to come out of our operating budget. I not only believe that we can reach it, I believe we can exceed the target. Then if we do, any excess comes back to our parish untaxed to use as we see fit. Therefore, if you have not yet given your pledge, I would invite you to please consider doing it and pitching in with your fellow parishioners. Thank you one and all.

The Cheer for your Church contest is over. This was the online contest to win the $50,000 Holy Trinity statue that has been on our front lawn for the last few months. The contest was sponsored by Mt. Elliot Cemetery (who gave us a $500 donation for hosting the statue!). As I write this, though, I do not know which parish won. Mt. Elliot is still calculating the votes. It would be nice to have had such an expensive piece of art to do with it what we please. If we did not receive enough votes, that is unfortunate, and we need to pray for the lawn to grow back! If you voted for St. Anastasia, thank you.   

The World Youth Day pilgrims are doing well. Through the magic of the  computer, we found out that they have had some exciting adventures. Some tough (having their bus break down outside Madrid) and some good (at Fatima they met a woman, Maria of the Angels, she is 90+ years old. They prayed the rosary in six different languages…. Spanish, Italian, English, Polish, Vietnamese and Arabic.) They have been dropping off all the prayer intentions we gave them and they have been leaving them at the various shrines. Let’s keep up our prayers for them and their travels (Fr. Eric and the gang will be back by Wednesday). 

God bless,
 Fr. J.J.