Jottings from Fr. J.J.


That is what I keep telling myself.  Well, we are again facing some new things: some really good things and some more challenging things.

First let’s look at the good things. WELCOME FR. ERIC!!! Our new associate pastor, Fr. Eric Fedewa, ordained only a few short weeks ago, joins the St. Anastasia family this weekend. We again get to experience the joy and excitement of a newly ordained priest. He will    inspire us and we get to fall in love with a new companion on the journey. I think you will really enjoy Fr. Eric. I am getting to know him as well, but my few exchanges reveal a genuine, happy man of faith.  Remember, it is not easy stepping into a new ministry. There is one of him and 1000’s of us. I invite you to please be patient and kind to Fr. Eric. Let’s make sure he receives the true, gracious, and friendly, St. Anastasia welcome, for which we are known.

Goodbyes are difficult. We experienced that recently as Fr. Mark moved on to his next assignment. It has been fun working with him and becoming friends. We are proud of you Fr. Mark; first, for putting up with me and all my razzing; second, for being open to the Spirit and growing by leaps and bounds as a priest. My prayers are with you and especially for your new pastor (God help him!?!).

I received some challenging news last week that we have to say goodbye also to Dc. Franz Hoffer.  He has served us exceptionally well as our business manager and my right hand man. Franz has been planning for his future and with some family situations that have come up, he has had to make some tough decisions.  Franz was offered a position which he could not refuse which will allow him and his wife to head into the  future without difficulty. Franz has been a great gift to St. Anastasia and to me in my pastoring. He will be sorely missed. God speed as you move on to new things.  Please pray for me as we search to fill his shoes.

God bless,
 Fr. J.J.

P.S.  Do not forget to vote for St. Anastasia so we can keep the statue of the Trinity (go to our website).

P.S.S.  Please be friendly to the folks from St. Louis the King Parish in  Detroit as you leave the church    today. They are selling raffle tickets for their Peach Festival and need our help.