Jottings from Fr. J.J.

Art for God’s Sake is over for gosh sakes!

There is no way we can possibly communicate all of the amazing things that we heard, experienced, witnessed, and celebrated last weekend. If you were able to attend any aspect of the Art for God’s Sake weekend, you may have some idea of the energy that was felt. From the minute the artists began to drop off their works on Monday morning the excitement began to grow. Upon seeing the temporary walls, comments like, “Wow, this is gonna be classy,” could be heard over and over. Archbishop Vigneron said that we as a parish should be very proud. Another priest attended Friday’s gala and texted that it was truly inspiring and was not only a GREAT event for our parish, but for the whole local church. He then went on Facebook to spread the word. One of the reporters from a local newspaper asked, “Where else in the United States has this been and where is it going next?” (not realizing that this was only happening here). Some would not believe that this was our first show ever. Several artists who have been involved in art exhibitions for years informed us that this was the best art event in which their work was ever displayed. Whether it be the musical performances, the dance or theatrical performances, the food, the amazing work of the volunteers and staff, or simply the positive attitudes, it truly was a job well done.

Our primary goal was to bring people closer to the Lord. Second, we wanted to promote the arts and raise funds for several ministries (one being feeding the homeless which our sister parish, St. Al’s, serve). Hoping that was accomplished, we would like to thank God, the true artist for His motivating Spirit. Thank you to the committee for the thousands of hours invested and sharing your gifts; thank you to every one of our many volunteers for your hard work; thanks to all who offered prayers for the events success (God does answer prayers!). Thank you to all our artists, for your hard work; to all who donated; and to everyone who attended. Thank you to anyone we may have forgotten to mention. Give yourself a Mona Lisa smile, you did well.

God bless,
 Fr. J.J., Christine Broses (chairperson), and the AFGS Committee