Jottings from Fr. J.J.

GIVING ON CHRISTMAS – Just a reminder that every week we get taxed 7% on each collection EXCEPT FOR CHRISTMAS!! In other words we get to keep all of the Christmas collection to use to pay bills, subsidize the Religious Ed program, pay salaries, etc. I ask you to please talk it over with your family, pray over it, and try to be extra generous in your Christmas envelope so that we can get back on track budget wise. Thank you for considering it! 

DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO TWICE? – The way that Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, we had to do quite a few changes to the weekend schedule. The Christmas holiday begins at 4pm on Friday, Christmas Eve. The Feast of Holy Family technically begins at 4pm on Saturday. If Christmas had fallen on any other day but Saturday, we would have followed the normal Reconciliation and Mass schedule. Since most will be out celebrating the Lord’s birth, including Fr. Varghese, Fr. Mark and I, there will be no Saturday evening liturgies. Since we always eliminate the Sunday evening liturgy on holiday weekends, there will be no Sunday evening liturgy either.  Having said that, I want to make it clear that Christmas (Saturday) and the Feast of the Holy Family (Sunday) are two distinct celebrations.  So, come back on Sunday and fulfill your obligation. 

APOLOGY FOR THE LONG WAIT – With the crazy weather last Monday, a few of the priests who were to help hear confessions at the reconciliation service were unable to make it. This meant long lines and even longer waits for the celebration of the sacrament. If you were inconvenienced, I am sorry. I hope that you attended one of the many other times that we offered. During Advent we offer the sacrament on Tuesday from 12—1p and on Wednesday from 5:15—6:30p. Also, there are Vicariate services at Shrine on the 20th and at St. Hugo’s on the 21st (both at 7p). 

CONGRATS TO ONE AND ALL – If you were able to participate in any way in this year’s Christmas Ball, you deserve resounding “Congratulations”. Thank you for your sponsorships, your donations, decorating, and the thousand and one things needed from you to make the Ball a success. The administration from St. Aloysius told me afterwards how much fun they had and how grateful they are for all the effort. The final tallies are not in yet, but regardless, a fun time was had by all and the homeless will be helped. Thank you. 

OUR LITTLE BABY IS GROWING UP – If you did not notice the subtle onset of crow’s feet, and the hint of a receding hairline beginning, I want to remind you that our associate pastor, Fr. Mark celebrated his 30th birthday last Tuesday. He went kicking and screaming into adulthood. To make his transition a little smoother, please be sure to send a little prayer his way and some well wishes. 

God bless,
 Fr. J.J.