Jottings from Fr. J.J.

   Fr. Moses is now home safe and sound in Kenya convalescing. If you were not here last weekend, you may be unaware that he contracted malaria when he returned to Africa over the holidays. Unfortunately, the illness weakened him so much that he requested to end his assignment early. This happened so quickly, it was a shock for many of us. Fr. Moses is a superb priest and we will miss him. Although we may not have given him the goodbye we would have liked, his well being comes first. Please pray for him and his health. I will keep you informed on how he is doing. His video farewell message to us and his address are both on our website. I would encourage you to drop him well wishes.

Some of you know that the Archbishop asked me to go for further study. With all the recent events, this has been postponed since we need a priest presence in the parish. We will have subs to hopefully help us out till July 1st. On that day we will welcome two new Associate Pastors. One will be newly ordained (we are not sure who that is yet, so pray for the Assignment Board to make the right decision for us!) and the other associate is Fr. Anthony Camilleri. Fr. Anthony was ordained in 2007 and has served in two large suburban parishes (presently, Shrine of the Little Flower) so he will be able to hit the ground running. He is very excited about coming to serve with us and you will hear more about him in the future.

In the meantime, I invite you to focus on the “New Life” God has planned for you and St. Anastasia during this Holy Week.

   I encourage you to try to attend our triduum liturgies (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the food blessing on Saturday and the Easter Vigil). These are some of our most grand celebrations throughout the year and can be very enriching. Also, don’t forget to remember the individuals in prayer whom we will be receiving into the Church next Saturday evening.

   We have such a vibrant parish with so many activities and focuses that often we can miss a few things along the way. Case in point, are you aware that St. Anastasia has a “Stewardship” commission? Are you aware of its mission? The Parish Stewardship Commission actively seeks to educate the parishioners and implement the practices of the biblical directive to place God first when distributing time, talent, treasure and prayer.

The Stewardship team has been hard at work researching, planning, and implementing information that has been passed on to us from the United States Conference of Bishops. The staff, parish council and our Evangelization team have come up with ideas to help the parish embrace this mission.

I invite you to check out the weekly stewardship article and try to listen to what the Spirit is asking of you. The stewardship section has a new logo designed by a fellow parishioner who is a graphic artist (thanks Jaclyn Caris).

God bless,
Fr. J.J.