Jottings from Fr. J.J.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS WITH TEETH- In a few days we will be popping corks and welcoming in a New Year (don’t forget to schedule in Mass, New Year’s is a Holy Day).  After a night of champagne-enhanced excitement, for many folks the next day has a nasty habit of crash-landing into a giant pool of blah.  In other words, there can be something depressing about New Year’s Day.  The expectation of Christmas is over, the parties are over, the trees begin to litter the curb and we begin looking down the barrel of three straight months of … cold?!

Oh, yeah, and how about those exciting New Year’s Resolutions? Good-bye junk food, hello Weight Watchers. Yes, nothing speaks to the “joy of living” like responsible eating … good times, good times.  A lot of us don’t even remember our New Year’s resolutions two weeks into January, yet we kick butt when it comes to our Lenten resolutions.

The practice of sacrificing something of value for 40 days is like a New Year’s resolution, except with TEETH!  If we cheat on our diet during the month of January, we are only letting ourselves down… if we have a slip during Lent, we turn to a Higher Power.  While most people I know ditch their New Year’s resolutions within a few weeks, most Catholics I know are pretty good about keeping their commitments the whole 40 days. Of course the whole point of Lenten sacrifice is to deepen one’s relationship with God, not to get in shape for swimsuit season. That being said, there might be something to the dynamics of Lenten sacrifices that can be applied to anytime of the year… even New Year’s 2014.  After all, if we’ve been spending all of this time in active celebration of the Christmas season, the tunnel months might not be the worst time to spend a little down-time with the Lord who has just come into our lives.  Here’s hoping a renewed relationship with God can go a long way towards warming the months ahead.


HELP BY SIMPLY SHOPPING!-  Meijer has been great to our food pantry.  They just gifted us with $1000 This is not the only time we received from them.  It is common that we get $1000 plus from them a couple times a year.   Their recent donation comes at a great time because over the holidays we had 3-4 food orders a day.  We used to get 3-4 a week.  What is a food order?  This is when folks come in and they and their family receive about 2-3 weeks of staples in order to survive.  With the recent gift from Meijer we can now supplement the orders with fresh meat.

You can help out our food pantry in several ways:  1) by simply signing up at a Meijer store or go to the community reward page on line (  By doing this, our pantry is helped and you receive rewards for all your Meijer shopping, and periodically receive exclusive savings.

2) Join the “simply give” program.  You just pick up a card from the St. Anastasia office lobby, or at the kiosk with St. Anastasia’s name on it at the Rochester Meijer (Auburn and Rochester rd) and with your $10 gift, Meijer will MATCH it!!!

3) drop off non perishable goods in the basket (in the Gathering Space) that is brought up at Mass.

God bless,

Fr. J.J.