Happily Ever After

01189687_interactive_aI have a cool new app on my phone called Laudate.  I like to sit on my patio with my morning coffee and use it to read about a saint and ponder the daily Scriptures.  Because of the app, I recently noticed a Feast Day that I never paid attention to before:  The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It got me to thinking….

Small girls in suburban democracies dream of becoming princesses.  We digest the movies; we wear the costumes; we belt out the songs.  Not-as-small girls in American grocery stores gaze with some longing at magazine covers featuring royal weddings and heirs.  It’s silly, we know, but the desire is there.  Why?

Because we have a King who wants us to be His own.  And we have a forerunner – a young girl from a backwater town, unmarried, humble, of no fame or fortune (though admittedly related to some mighty fine folks) – who became the Queen of the Universe.  How did she manage it?  By saying YES to God, by opening her whole self to the Holy Spirit, by spending her life in close personal relationship to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Therein lies our path to abundant life in the Kingdom Never-Ending.  Let’s keep yearning to be near the throne.

Your PCL,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader