God + Families =

Fr. J.J. and the rest of the St. Anastasia staff are planning to offer a Family Mass once a month involving our children and teens. It will be on the second Sundays at the 5pm Mass, probably beginning in January 2013.  We would like participation in many categories, but first we need a group of 6-8 Adult Leaders who would be willing to meet with us and rotate months of leadership.  When we have enough leaders, each set will coordinate three months a year. We would involve children in lectoring, greeting, ushering, singing, bearing gifts, homily planning, and more!  We also wish to provide a simple meal after the Masses. Help us bring our families together to share the Eucharist and be excited! If you are interested in this fun ministry, please contact Marian Bart or Kim Houseman @ 248.689.8380.