Brick Pavers

Image - Stewardship page - brick paver overview photoA gift in many ways … for

  • Celebrating…
  • Remembering…
  • Preserving…

Our Parish Family History

Imagine your grandchildren or relatives returning in years to come, to see engraved bricks along the Living Walkway, marking such moments as:

Births – Baptisms – Birthdays – Adoptions – Weddings – First Eucharist – Confirmation – Promotions – Graduations – Holy Orders – Deaths – Anniversaries

St. Anastasia Parish offers you a unique opportunity to both share and preserve the special occasions in your life in a living walkway.

By memorializing the important moments in your life and the life of your family here on our parish grounds, you provide a permanent display of your family history for generations to come.

Our Living Walkway provides a way for parishioners and their families and friends to participate in the beautification of our parish grounds in a very visual way. Over time, this walkway will become a magnificent “scrapbook” of our journey of faith.

Where is the Living Walkway?

The St. Anastasia Parish Living Walkway is an engraved brick paver walkway that is designed to “meander” throughout our parish landscape. It began in 2004 in front of the William B. Davidson Center on the east side of our complex, and now flows across the front of all our buildings, all the way to the entrance of the chapel.

Who can participate in the Living Walkway Project?

Image - Stewardship page - brick paver detail photoAny member of our community is welcome to purchase engraved pavers for the Living Walkway. We also encourage groups, such as the CYO sports teams, Bible Studies, Councils & Commissions to capture their significant events in this timeless manner. And what a great way to congratulate a friend or neighbor on a promotion or graduation! The possibilities are plentiful!

Are engraved bricks the only option?

We have additional items for the Living Walkway that can also be purchased and engraved with a special marker stone. These include benches, trees, pillars, statuary, and water features. You could have any of these items dedicated to your loved ones.

How do I purchase a paver for the Living Walkway?

It’s simple. Just use the Living Walkway Order Form for pavers. If you would like to purchase other larger items, please contact Brian in our office at 248-689-8380.

Orders may be placed at any time. The actual installation is done two times per year, in the spring and in the fall.

You may mail your completed form to the parish office:
4571 John R. Road, Troy, MI 48085

Or you may fax your order and credit card information to our office at 248-689-7489