Charities Awareness Week – In-Tents

August 21st-25th

Would you change places with a homeless person for one night? Would you give up a night of the comforts of home if that meant shelter for countless others?

Dozens of your fellow parishioners have embraced the above challenge and will be Sleeping-Out on our parish grounds for the homeless.  It will be an exciting week as we all grow in our understanding of the plight of the poor and help raise money for some organizations which are close to our heart.

If you recognize a name below, please consider financially supporting their commitment to helping the poor.  Sleep-Out participants who will be raising money for our parish Chapter of St. Vincent de Paul are:

  • Meghan Gornick, Julie Skotzke, Florence Parent, Mary Stoll, Maria Komasara, Regina Simony, Mary Pat Acord, Donna & Mike Jankowski
  • Steve, Steve Duffy, Tim Yoder, Greg Bright, Chris Stark, Tim Gustafson, Sean McDonnell

Donate online to a SVDP Sleeper or just hand them your donation or drop it off in the parish office with their name.

Sleep-Out parish participants who will be raising money for Mary’s Mantle are:

  • Barb Yagley, Jenni Jaworski, Marianne Carniak, Paula Kast, Beth Collison
  • Steve, Deacon Don Baross, John Carry, Dan Parker, Bill Ris, Jim Collison

To donate to a Mary’s Mantle Sleeper visit, give the donation to the Sleeper or drop it off at Faith @ Work.

Watch for more information to follow in the bulletin.  The solution to homelessness lies within each of us.

Will you join us in changing the landscape of our community one soul at a time?

Call Kim Houseman 248-689-8380 or Beth Collison 248-250-9216 if you want to help with the event.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.”

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta