From the Office

My dear friends in Christ, it is with mixed emotions that I inform you that I will be leaving St. Anastasia as your Business Manager as of Thursday, July 7th for an opportunity in the business world. My 2+ years here with you have been a blessing and at times a challenge. We’ve been through some interesting issues and situations, and I thank you for letting me serve you. Many things come to mind when I reflect on those 2 years, but what sticks out the most is what a faith-filled community St. Anastasia is. I’ve said many times that St. Anastasia is one of the jewels of the Archdiocese…not just physical plant-wise but parishioner-wise as well. But your greatest asset is  Father J.J. I’m not just blowing smoke because I’m leaving…but if you could all see the hours this man puts in, his pastoral mindset, and his genuine devotion to God 24/7 and you the parishioners, you would realize that he is a very     special and unique priest. Why do you think they keep sending newly ordained here to learn under him—he is the model of what a priest should be—actually what a man should be. Cherish him and love him as he does you.  He is so very proud of St. Anastasia and all of you parishioners. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, or will ever have to do is to leave Father JJ…he has been an inspiration and a friend to me and I will continue to count him among my “special friends”. 

May God bless you all……I remain humbly yours, Franz Hoffer